About Broadway Booker

We simplify the process of finding and booking Broadway talent for live and online events, virtual lessons and Q&As, putting the biggest Broadway stars at customers’ fingertips. 

We’ve made it easy to hire your favorite Broadway performer to sing at your event! From corporate events and trade shows to Bar Mitzvahs and weddings, your guests will be feet away from some of the most talented people in the industry!

Looking to hone your own singing skills? You can hire some of the best singers on Broadway to work with you virtually from home!

Plus, we do not charge performers to be on our site. We assess buyers with a flat fee, so the talent gets to keep 100% of their commission!

Online bookings for in-person events are available for performances within 100 miles of NYC. For locations beyond that radius, please email support@broadwayworld.com for rates.

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