Kristin Stokes


Acting the Song: Get one on one coaching on how to break down the acting beats of a song and leave your audience wanting more! Student comes prepared with song of their choice and a recording of their accompaniment to sing to. Monologue Work: Come work out the nuances of your monologue with one on one coaching with Kristin. Student comes prepared with a memorized monologue of their choosing. Audition Prep: Kristin will get you audition ready and feeling confident with her one on one coaching. Student comes prepared with a song cut, monologue, or both!

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Kristin Stokes is most widely known as Annabeth Chase from “The Lightning Thief, The Percy Jackson Musical”, where she originated her role Off- Broadway, the National Tour, and Broadway. She loves the process of creating a new musical from the ground up- and has originated dozens of roles throughout her career- so definitely hit her up for a one on one coaching! Kristin is also a regular at 54Below and has been featured on “Seth Speaks” on Sirius XM, Yahoo’s “BUILD series”, “Live at Five” on, “Playbill, The Game Show” on, Mashables’ “The Bob Ross Challenge”, and even as a panelist at Comic Con. Always creating ridiculous videos on Instagram, Kristin loves her fans and is looking forward to making one for you!

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